Kelso Bull Stag

Kelso Bull Stag

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This gamefowl auction is for the Kelso bullstag. Born October 2020. Its a straight breed Kelso which means, that the line breeding method was maintained since the original ancestor was acquired from Mr. Johnny Jumper many years ago.

Watch the sparring session below. Kelso is on the right with pink gloves.

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For simplicity’s sake, we can call it Johnny Jumper Kelso gamefowl because according to information from the breeder whom this gamefowl’s parent was acquired, it has traces of the bloodline from Johnny Jumper and Walter Kelso.

In truth, it’s really far from the gamefowl of Kelso because there was no pedigree or recorded ancestry of gamefowls other than the information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate.

The history is vague as Mr. Walter Kelso did not register a recording of his gameowl’s line breeding and he died in 1964 so no one can truly authenticate the correctness regarding the origin of this fowl.

From 1964, many things had happened. Many stories crop up and to cut the long story short, one story was that Mr. Johnny Jumper acquired a fowl from Mr. Kelso hence the moniker “Johnny Jumper Kelso” which is believed to be the close ancestry of this gamefowl.

From Mr. Johnny Jumper, many local breeders have acquired his line and whether we believe it or not, they claimed that they have preserved the line thru whats called “Line Breeding” method.

When we acquired this gamefowl, we also preserved the line thru strict “Line Breeding” and therfore, what you saw in the sparring session video was the finished product.

In closing, it maybe ok to call it “Johnny Jumper Kelso” gamefowl but know that its not technically correct to call it that way because although this fowl traces its roots from Walter Kelso and Johnny Jumper, this fowls is far from its ancestors as thru time, genetics play an important factor in the evolution of gamefowl.

No gamefowl is the same. The offsprings DNA is unique from their parents so technically, this is a totally unique gamefowl and distinct to its ancestors.

So if this is your fowl’s offsprings, you can name this gamefowl anything you want actually.

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