Gamefowl rooster breeds showcased in this article are the types of roosters that are very game chickens and they are 100% rooster breeds so it’s perfect as brood materials for either breeding, show, or competition.

Almost all of the game roosters we have today started from American game fowls and is the outcome of selective breeding by legendary master breeders namely Sweater McGinnis, Dink Fair, Carol Nesmith, Bruce Barnette, Sanford Hatch, Johnnie Jumper, Walter Kelso, Tom Wilson, Ray Hoskins, Ted McLean, Col Givens, Mel Sims, Billy Warren, Lun Gilmore, Harold Brown, Dan Gray, and Duke Hulsey to name a few.

How much does a fighting rooster cost?

The cost of a fighting rooster varies depending on what bloodline or strain and the age of the gamefowl for sale, plus how much expenses and time the breeder spent during breeding and rearing.

On our farm, we price our rooster breeds on a “PER MONTH” basis so that it’s affordable for most backyard breeders to acquire quality fowls.

Our pricing model is based on a “Per Month Old” basis regardless of whether it’s a male or female.

Straight Breed = 3,500.00 pesos per month.

Battle Crosses 50/50 bloodline = 500.00 pesos per month.

For example, You want a 7-month-old brood stag, it will cost 24,500 pesos because 3,500 pesos times 7 months old equals 24,500 pesos.

Or maybe you only want a 3-month-old cockerel, it will cost 10,500 pesos because 3,500 pesos times 3 months old equals 10,500 pesos.

Another example, you want a 2-month-old Battle Cross cockerel, it will cost 1,000 pesos because 500 pesos times 2 months old equals 1,000 pesos.

I think you get the idea of our pricing.

The goal of our pricing model is for the majority of people to acquire quality bloodlines at an affordable budget.

So if you’re interested, please contact us for more details.

1. Sweater – 1st Strain

Our 1st Sweater strain, also known as the “5k Sweater” originated from Mr. Dink Fair.

2. Sweater – 2nd Strain

Our 2nd Sweater strain, also known as the “Possum Sweater” originated from Mr. Bruce Barnette.

3. Kelso – 1st Strain

Our 1st Kelso strain originated from Mr. Johnnie Jumper.

4. Kelso – 2nd Strain

Our 2nd Kelso strain originated from Mr. Tom Wilson.

5. Hatch – 1st Strain

Our 1st strain of hatch also known as the “Yellow-Legged Hatch” originated from Mr. John Bottoms. It also has Ray Hoskins blood in it.

6. Hatch – 2nd Strain

Our 2nd strain of Hatch has McLean blood and originated from Mr. Col Givens.

7. Hatch – 3rd Strain

Our 3rd strain of hatch is a Blueface hatch and it originated from Mr. Mel Sims.

8. Hatch – 4th Strain

Our 4th strain of hatch is also a Blueface hatch and it originated from Mr. Billy Warren. It also has a Percy Flower Blueface blood in it.

9. Hatch – 5th Strain

Our 5th strain of hatch is a “Gilmore Hatch”.

10. Hatch – 6th Strain

Our 6th strain of hatch is a “White Hatch” acquired from Mr. Art Lopez.

11. Albany Strain

Our Albany strain came from the combined strain of Mr. Johnny Moore and Mr. Newton Wade.

12. Black Strain

Our strain of Black came from Alabama.

13. Grey Strain

Our strain of Grey is a Harold Brown Grey.

14. Roundhead Strain

15. Claret Strain

16. Lemon Strain

17. Gull Strain

18. Dom Strain

19. Whitehackle Strain

20. Pumpkin Strain

21. Hennie 1st Strain

22. Hennie 2nd Strain

These 22 Best Fighting Roosters and Gamefowls were the outcomes of decades of selective breeding.

By Jason M. Davis

My name is Jason M. Davis and this is my website. I am primarily a gamefowl breeder based in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton United Kingdom and I love to blog everything related to gamefowl chickens and life around the farm in general. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you all love my content.

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