friendliest chicken breeds

Who doesn’t want a flock of friendliest chicken breeds who run away when they see you approaching?

Some individuals prioritize features like egg production, cold hardiness, external appearances if raising for the show, chicken size, or growth speed.

For those of us who maintain chickens as pets, having the friendliest chicken breeds is a significant reason we own them in the first place.

How can we be sure that the ones we put in our yard are friendly?

As with other pets, how the owner treats their flock is just as essential as picking the proper breed when it comes to deciding the temperament of chickens.

A strong understanding of best practices for raising a pleasant flock, on the other hand, would go a long way.

Everyone has their own motivations for keeping hens in the backyard.

Many chicken owners, however, prefer friendly, laid-back breeds.

Here are some friendliest chicken breeds to consider adding to your flock.


Because of their size and disposition, Silkies are one of the greatest chicken species to have as pets.

On a small little body, their silky, fluffy feathers feel like silk. Silkies are one of the most adorable chicken breeds.

In fact, most of them resemble a stuffed animal rather than a chicken. This makes them very enticing to kids!

Some Silkies have “beards” that cover their faces almost completely, while others are beardless.

You can’t help but love them because they have vivid blue earlobes, a fifth toe on each foot, an extremely pleasant personality, and a fondness for being held and petted.

Speckled Sussex

Large chickens can also be really friendly! The Speckled Sussex is a huge but elegant chicken (roosters can reach up to 8 pounds, while hens weigh around 6 pounds).

It has a single comb and no feathers on its feet.

The breed’s name comes from the reddish-brown feathers with black and white “speckling.”

The number of speckles varies from bird to chicken, and each feather has a white tip.

They’re curious, the first to investigate new circumstances, adore being petted, and are intelligent, gentle companions.

They enjoy being held, massaged, and talked to as adults. It’s possible that they’ll follow you around.

The Speckled Sussex is at the top of the list of backyard-friendly breeds; they’re generally too big to keep as ‘inside’ chickens, but they’re nice enough to keep as pets outside!


The Orpington, another larger-sized chicken, is a superb all-purpose utility breed that provides both eggs and meat, as well as being regularly developed for show– making them a fantastic overall bird.

This is a loving chicken breed that is sometimes referred to as the “Golden Retriever of chickens.” For families, schools, or clubs, they make excellent outdoor pets.

In fact, if you have youngsters who enjoy playing with the flock, you should get Buff Orpingtons.

According to most chicken study, the Buff Orpington is a laid-back, patient, and sociable chicken that enjoys receiving food rewards and isn’t afraid of being picked up.

Rhode Island Red

One of my favorite chicken breeds is the Rhode Island Red. We’ve had a couple of our own, and they’ve always been wonderful chickens.

They’re one of the easiest chickens to care for, are really gentle, enjoy being held, and get along well with children.

People-lovers and comfortable with human contact in general, Rhode Island Reds have the added benefit of being friendly with other members of their own flock. Finally, Reds are cold-hardy and will lay eggs for you throughout the year.


Cochins are one of the most massive chicken breeds you’ll ever have in your coop.

These docile gigantic hens weigh in at around 8 pounds, while the roosters can weigh up to 11 pounds.

Because of their fluffy feathers, they can frequently appear much more substantial.

Despite their size, Cochins will be among your flock’s calmest and friendliest birds, making them ideal lap chickens.

They are extremely child-friendly, enjoy human interaction, and, despite their size, are frequently subordinate to other birds, thus they are rarely at the top of the pecking order.

When Cochin chickens are near to home, they are the happiest. These lovely and fluffy giants adore knowing and sticking to their bounds, which is why they make ideal backyard pets!

Despite the fact that owners who prioritize egg production do not keep them,

Cochins are among the best chicken mothers, and they will frequently foster another bird’s eggs and raise the chicks as their own.


Wyandottes are not small birds because they are categorized as a dual-purpose breed. They are generally friendly and docile birds who are easy to handle.

Wyandottes are a gorgeous feathered breed that tolerates confinement well and is particularly cold hardy.

As a result, they are an excellent choice for the backyard chicken keeper and may be readily handled by children.


Australorps (pronounced “Austral-or”) are an Australian version of the western Orpington breed. They are a medium-sized breed with a reputation for being prolific egg layers.

They are calm, placid, dignified, and friendly in general, and outstanding light brown egg layers.

Australorps are a fantastic breed for folks searching for pet chickens in their backyard flock because they are small and personable, and they tolerate confinement well.

Easter Eggers

The term “Easter Eggers” does not refer to a specific breed. They are popular hybrids of Araucana and Ameraucana chickens that are praised for their distinctive egg colors, which include blue, green, olive, aqua, and even pink.

These chickens lay a lot of eggs and don’t seem to mind being kept in a cage, so they’re easy to look after.

Easter eggers are generally sociable, laid-back, and tranquil, and they prefer sitting on their caregivers’ laps.


‘Sweet’ is a common description for Faverolles.

They are a polite and social breed with people and other hens; but, when mixed with other kinds, the Faverolles are sometimes picked on.

Faverolles, on the other hand, are the ideal chicken friends for youngsters because they are the only breed in a backyard chicken family.

They not only don’t mind being held, but they also enjoy being kissed and snuggled. They would never peck, poke, or scratch someone.

Faverolles have become a great family favorite due to their winter hardiness and year-round egg production.

Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant chickens are a peaceful, gentle, and docile kind of chicken. This breed is also quite friendly with other types of birds and even other pets, which is worth noting.

They are large enough not to be scared by other farmed animals, and roosters of this breed have a low aggression level.

Jersey Giants are tough and cold-resistant. They are not flighty, but their size necessitates a lot of area.

Apart from the fact that their size makes them difficult to handle, Giants make excellent pets for youngsters since they are exceedingly docile and calm.

As we wrap up our list of various friendly, cheerful, and child-safe chicken types, it’s important to realize that each breed has its own set of behavioral characteristics.

Even so, there is always individual variety within each breed.

Every breed has individuals with varying temperaments, and even rearing two chicks from the same breed in the same way will demonstrate that friendliness is not a given.

Give it a shot and enjoy your new friendliest chicken breeds, regardless of breed.

By Jason M. Davis

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