In cockfighting, the term “breaks of the game” is very important. Its so important that whoever break the game meaning whoever come up with a strategy or tactic that is so powerful and that it can’t be countered will more or less dictate the game and most probably will emerge as the winner.

In the video below are two gamefowl warriors doing a sparring session. If you notice carefully, the gamefowl in the left, breaks the game first and therefore won the match.

If the sparring session shown in the video below is an actual cockfight with razor sharp long-knife spur, the gamefowl in the right would have been wounded so badly that it will cost its life within a matter of seconds.

Lets analyze further what I mean by watching the video again but this time, lets watch it in slow motion.

If you notice in the slow motion video above at around 8 seconds, the first buckle happened.

In the first buckle, the two gamefowl warriors exchanges feet.


Unfortunately, the left feet of the gamefowl wearing red gloves was under its opponent so its was hitting the air and not the opponent.

In a cockfighting, the slasher knife is usually mounted on the left feet of the gamefowl so if this was a real cockfight, the one wearing the pink gloves is in a very safe position since the slasher knife of the enemy was way off his body.

It was a disadvantage on the part of the gamefowl wearing red gloves because now, he was in a very awkward position.

Its very difficult to land a cut when a gamefowl is below its opponent due to gravity.


And because the gamefowl wearing pink gloves was over its opponent so its feet was right through the body of its opponent.

Again, if this was a real cockfight, the gamefowl wearing the pink gloves is very effective in killing his opponent since the slasher knife mounted to its feet was cutting all over the body of his opponent.


After the first buckle, it was a clearly a victory for the “Angat-Sarado” gamefowl giving clean blows to its opponent left and right.


Its only a matter of seconds and with less than a minute, the game is over. the gamefowl above connects and cuts with brutal efficiency.


Not only the gamefowl with the red gloves did not connect effectively, he also in a very disadvantage position so theres really no way for this fowl to win over the one with the pink gloves.

This classic fight scene is “golden” and is very much sought after by many gamefowl aficionados.

So the next time you own a gamefowl, choose the one with the “Angat-Sarado” skills because often times, this kind of ability holds the most winning record in the history of the long-knife cockfighting events.

Lets watch the video one more time.

There you go. “breaks of the game”. very important! specially in a long-knife competition.

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By Jason M. Davis

My name is Jason M. Davis and this is my website. I am primarily a gamefowl breeder based in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton United Kingdom and I love to blog everything related to gamefowl chickens and life around the farm in general. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you all love my content.

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